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Karen’s management coaching and mentoring has been invaluable in my new role as the Managing Director at Insight Publications. Her high-level tailored coaching approach along with her expertise has allowed me to revolutionise my thinking around the management of complex business relationships.

She has been instrumental in providing me with a new perspective on my role in the company as a leader and my capability to challenge the status quo and drive change within the organisation. Her dynamic coaching style is both refreshing and transforming. Mizz De Zoysa-Lewis

Managing Director, Insight Publications

I was lucky enough to have Karen as a manager for over a year and would honestly not be where I am today without her help and guidance. Upon meeting Karen I was instantly impressed with her collaborative and educational approach to management. Throughout my time with her I vastly improved my management and leadership skills, ability to engage and develop others whilst improving my business knowledge and capabilities.

Her level of knowledge and ability to coach and develop led me to continue my strong relationship with her even after moving on from her team, where she has still acted as a mentor for my personal and professional development. Shane

Business Enablement Manager

Our Project Team couldn’t have had a more experienced resource to deliver change and training to our frontline staff than Karen.

Given the scale of change, short timeframes and potential risks if delivered wrong, Karen devised a distinctive and customised training approach to delivering a new sales tool.

Working side by side with Karen, it was obvious that not only did she understand the audience, but knew the style in which best to deliver the change and training to ensure the staff were well equipped with sufficient training (both face to face and interactive), instruction manuals and an ongoing support model.

As would be expected, this resulted in a seamless transition to the new sales tool with glowing feedback from both the end users and the business units.

Karen was incredibly thorough in making sure that all of the bases were covered and that training was scheduled in a disciplined manner, to ensure short delivery timeframes were met.

Long days were put in as the deadline approached and Karen was tireless in her commitment and guidance.

I highly recommend Karen as a consultant for delivery of change management and training which demands great attention to detail, a thorough understanding of the audience and the execution of an end to end solution. Valentina Tan

Manager - Transformation

When I first met Karen I had been in my leadership role for a little over 2 months. Not long after I was winning awards and being promoted!! Karen’s way of coaching and providing constructive, real time feedback was unlike anything I’d ever experienced before and much of what she taught me, I still use daily when leading my team of over 200 staff.

Her ability to educate whilst leading change is something I aspire to. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her guidance and belief in me. Mel

Operations and Leadership Optimisation Manager

I went to Karen Keating on referral from a fellow manager, for advice and training recommendations after I realised my team leaders were so worried about being accused of bullying the actual opposite was occurring.

Karen worked with me in creating an agreed to outline, and then ran a fabulous course about managing behaviours and monitoring complaints and grievances.

My team leaders came away with clear guidelines as to what is and isn’t acceptable and the difference between bullying and acceptable management practice. This has enabled the team leaders to deal with minor issues effectively and with confidence, thereby diluting a potential situation from occurring. Rosie Davenport

Marketing Centre Manager